Pixel Pitch: 4mm / 5mm / 6mm / 8mm

Flexible Curve LED

Flexible LED display, can be installed in any shape circumstances with high safety. Size and shape could be customized design Incomparable advantages with regular modules

Pixel Pitch: 2.604mm / 3.91mm / 4.81mm / 5.95mm

Cylinder LED

Unique design for high definition irregular shape LED displays. It adopts strip type LED module, which can form smooth curver surface

Size: 1.667mm / 2mm / 3mm / 4mm / 5mm

Fixed Installation Screen

HD display, high refresh rate, seamless splicing, removable and convenient, flexible features, even at relatively short distances. It show super clear

Pixel Pitch: 2.604mm / 4.81mm

Floor LED Screen

Floor LED display adopted high-strength acrylic glass mask and strong aluminium-magnesium alloy case which features high anti-impact performance

Pixel Pitch: 8mm / 10mm / 12mm / 16mm

Stadium Perimeter Screen

Using light, thin, fine design concept, disassembly and maintenance very convenient. High quality SMD technology and unique hardware system to ensure that the screen has perfect display.

Pixel Pitch: 5mm / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 16mm

Outdoor Screen

The smoothness of the control module is installed in the positive and negative 0.2mm, the entire screen good flatness. The circuit board adopt wave soldering process.

Pixel Pitch: 10.66mm / 15.625mm / 20mm / 31.25mm

Curtain Display Screen

A new type of transparent LED wall through technological breakthroughs, not only ensures between floors, glass facade lighting requirement and scope window lighting structure.

Pixel Pitch: 5mm / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm

LED Lamp Pole Display

Can release the system through the intelligent cloud control LED cluster information, and the construction of the national service for community residents a digital community network interactive space.

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm / 4mm


Front serviceable, the magnetic module design saves time and cost, easy for maintenance. Built-in media player allow for upload video or picture via WIFI / USB.

Size: 32" / 42" / 50" / 55" / 65"

Interactive Digital Signage

Slim design with black toughened glass horizontal or vertical screen as you like, easy to install it on the wall with bracket. Auto display in loop, USB auto uploading new advertisements. Beautiful appearance, suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas, etc.

Size: 43" / 49" / 55" / 65"

Standing LED Display

Its portrait standing design and high quality tempered glass protection tell the difference from other signage. This model is equipped with commercial grade LG LIPS panel, support long hours working mode and it’s twice the brightness of traditional TV.

Size: 42" / 50" / 55" / 65"

Touch Digital Display

Evenly, Smooth and no fade. Can provide different software installation software updating function, split screen display video area, text area, logo area.

Size: 75" / 86"

Intelligent E-Blackboard

E-Blackboard provides a more scientific solution to classrooms with a touchscreen panel and writable glass surface design. It empowers teachers to be efficient and allows students to have an intuitive perception of teaching contents.

Size: 28" / 29.6" / 38"

Extreme Wide Display

Unique shape and design, designed for 24/7 use in virtually any environment. When add its video wall capabilities, eco-friendly technologies & advanced management controls.

Size: 12.1" / 15" / 22" / 32" / 42"

Magic Mirror

Body detector / motion sensor will turn the magic mirror to an “ON” mode. It will display the LCD programs when human body is detected and turn it off if otherwise.

Screen Sheet Size: 46" / 47" / 50" / 55" / 60"

DID Split Screen

DID Split Screen series product adopt industrial panels of famous brand, such as SAMSUNG & LG. Combined with a series of integrated application including the splicing technology of super narrow bezel, signal switching technology, lossless remote transmission technology and image processing techniques to compose a LED video wall display system with intelligent control, advanced operation high brightness and high definition.

Size: 43" / 49"

Free Standing E-Poster

Plug and Play is the easiest and most simple way to upload content to the screen.
Simply load images and videos onto a USB stick, insert in the display, wait for your content to copy over and then remove. Your images and videos will now play in a continuous loop.

Size: 55"

Dual Screen Floor Display

Dual screen display can be display in mall for advertisement purpose, the screen of the digital can be view from both side when the people is walk around. The display come with tempered glass protection, and the latest technology design for super-slim dual screen display 19.4mm thickness.