About us


Interlight Technology Sdn. Bhd. was founded in the year 2011. We specialize in indoor/outdoor LED display and digital screen. We supplied more than 100’s different kind of companies, such as Government, Bank, Schools, Media Companies, Restaurant and Retail Stores.

Interlight Technology has set up a team of professional technician teams. We have more than 7 years of experience in supply install, software solution, services and maintenance.

Full training and handover is also part of our service. We have experience working in all aspects of the LED display, industry and have a vast knowledge of products available.

Our mission is to provide quality products that benefit our customers and bring pride to our employees and community.

After staying in China for nine months, Kenneth Leong finally went back to Malaysia in 2011, accompanied by his dreams in developing his own business. Interlight Technology Sdn. Bhd. (IT) had been set up since then. This is in fact a totally new business opportunity for Kenneth, as he has been developing his product and improving it ever since he was in China. He wishes to introduce the concept of his LED products into Malaysia.


Managing Director – Kenneth Leong


Asia Pacific Top Golden Brand Products
in Years 2015


SME 3 Star Rating Score

Kenneth leong with LCF China Co-founder cementing the partnership for manufacturing and support in Malaysia.


In years 2018, Interlight Technology Sdn. Bhd. partnership with Lianchengfa (LCF) Technology Co.,Ltd. IT has build up his own LED Display Manufacturer Factory, and its headquarter is in Balakong.